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A central California valley native. Happily married for 39 yrs, with 6 grandkids, from 2 children. After trade school I worked in the auto industry for 14 yrs, and the food service industry for 20 yrs . An MLMer for many yrs I now do survey work PT.

Week one of the MKMMA journey

The journey has started. With a little fear and anxiety I have started the MKMMA

journey. Fear because when I start something I always want to attain the results that

cause me to consider the opportunity in the first place. And anxiety because of the

unknown of what I am getting into. Nearing the end of my first week I am feeling

pretty good. As soon as this blog is done I will have completed all of the necessary

assignments needed to continue on to week two. And though its been a bit of a hectic

week things are all coming together. I know things will get better because I will be

better. And I say that because of the richness of the material in this study course.

I wasn’t sure what I was in for exactly, because even though I am familiar with some

of the material I am leery about what I study because I want to not only learn about

temporal truth which can change but also about absolute truth which is eternal. I

believe this study course would benefit all, if one would only commit to personal

growth because I believe this course is beneficial to all. Especially all the success

principals that will be taught in this course. This is just the beginning, and I know

there is much more to come, but I know I have begun something amazing, and i look

 forward to much success in my future because it is what I am aiming for now, and

that is because this is what I am discovering through the studies we are going

through. Also I am looking forward to the mastermind part of this journey and the

connections that will be made with others on this journey. Well enough said for now,

more to come at next post.