Week 3 – The Faith Journey

Wow, this Mkmma course is amazing. I am getting a lot understanding about the condition of my life, and the world around me, what an eye opener. Nothing scary, but being a Christian and wanting to know the whole truth causes me to take an extra close look at what is being said here. What I have come to know is that everything so far is making sense, because if I was created a certain way, I should know how I should function in this world so that I can do my best and use the talents that I was given to make things better for others. As for me, I am already very blessed, but I know God is not done with me yet, and I want to make sure that I am not holding up anything that he wants to do through me. So I will continue on this MKMMA journey, because I still have questions about the way some things are right now, and I want to know the why. Now I believe that some of the answers I am looking for I will find through this course, so on to week #4.


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