Week 1 – The start of the MKMMA journey

Excited about learning more about the world within, and how its brings, or creates the things on the outside, or the seen realm. Also excited about learning how to discover my definite major purpose, because I too have been living with desires for the things I don’t want in my life, and not the true desires of the things I really want, as stated in some of the information that has been shared with us. Well the previous lines were written at the beginning of the week, and although it was a little difficult to begin the post it had become a struggle to finish. The reason being that I did not make out a schedule as advised. So I struggled this week to complete the assignments, but I will take the sound advise given from now on and do the the things that will make this journey successful. Because I want to go through the course because the information is making so much sense, what a breakthrough. So on with the journey I go.


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