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Week 4 Continue on the path of truth

PPNs –                 True Health & Spiritual Growth

I like what the course is teaching this week, because if you try and live reacting to everything you experience in life you will be disappointed. Because reacting to all the  experiences in life is the selfish way to live. It is not allowing you to react from your heart, or spirit/soul where the goodness of God, Jesus Christ resides, if you have open your heart to him, and by following his spirit within you, are accepting his will for your life. So continue the journey, but not without him.


Week 3 – The Faith Journey

Wow, this Mkmma course is amazing. I am getting a lot understanding about the condition of my life, and the world around me, what an eye opener. Nothing scary, but being a Christian and wanting to know the whole truth causes me to take an extra close look at what is being said here. What I have come to know is that everything so far is making sense, because if I was created a certain way, I should know how I should function in this world so that I can do my best and use the talents that I was given to make things better for others. As for me, I am already very blessed, but I know God is not done with me yet, and I want to make sure that I am not holding up anything that he wants to do through me. So I will continue on this MKMMA journey, because I still have questions about the way some things are right now, and I want to know the why. Now I believe that some of the answers I am looking for I will find through this course, so on to week #4.

Week 2 – The journey part 2

Well the second week is almost gone, and I am still looking forward to what comes next. With great anticipation I wait for the next part of the course. And though I am excited about what is next, it has not been smooth sailing. I have allowed to many distractions, so I believe I have made this harder on myself than it should be. But I will go forward, and do better because I believe very strongly in this material, so on with the journey and ready for what comes next.

Week 1 – The start of the MKMMA journey

Excited about learning more about the world within, and how its brings, or creates the things on the outside, or the seen realm. Also excited about learning how to discover my definite major purpose, because I too have been living with desires for the things I don’t want in my life, and not the true desires of the things I really want, as stated in some of the information that has been shared with us. Well the previous lines were written at the beginning of the week, and although it was a little difficult to begin the post it had become a struggle to finish. The reason being that I did not make out a schedule as advised. So I struggled this week to complete the assignments, but I will take the sound advise given from now on and do the the things that will make this journey successful. Because I want to go through the course because the information is making so much sense, what a breakthrough. So on with the journey I go.