Week -4 The next elevation

Came across a lot this week, beginning with the question, what are you, or maybe

where, or who are you. And what are the causes, or choices of the results. Could it be

we are relying on the wrong source for our results. Well in my case apparently so. Yet I

find comfort to know there is a better way, and that the Universal Energy, or God is

one with us, and that we need to yield to the direction of the world within, and direct

our thoughts to follow the causes of the Universal Energy. Because our good, positive,

and higher thoughts are given life when we follow the Universal energy (God – Love)

so the feelings that come through love give our good thoughts life. And because I

didn’t see it manifest all this week, then I know the statement about development

though exercise is true. So I have seen glimpses of the peak as my thoughts get better

and the cloud begin to clear.


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