week 2 – enjoying the view.

Happy, where I am at. While I’m enjoying the view from where I’m at, I am also

looking ahead to the possibilities of where I am going. Glad to still be on the journey.

Amazed at what I am discovering concerning our power within, and how we can

control what our energy produces. The recognition this course brings to the student is

invaluable. With so much wrong going on in the world, it is awesome to think that one

person can make a difference. And thats why though the journey seems difficult at

times, I know it is a small price to pay, for the experience of what lies ahead. I am also

grateful to hear from my fellow course mates as they go along this same journey. How

great the wealth of information they are sharing as well. It is a blessing to recieve

messages from the experience of others as they track down the same road. So as I

continue, so does the struggle, at least for now. I know I must continue, if I want to go

forward, and see the completion of the task before me, and ahead of me. Here is

where faith opens the way before me, as I control the fear that so easily comes to me

to distract me as I go forward. I thank God, that the course is keeping me focused on

the tasks before me, because without the information I would be difficult to progress,

and for that reason I will continue to trust the material. I have made great progress in

completing the weekly assignments, but there is a need for improvement, so I need to

keep working toward time management since that is where I am having the most

difficulty. But I have seen the improvement, and that is very encouraging. Well its on

to week 4, and I am excited about what comes next.


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