Week 2 – the elevation begins

The excitement for me continues, as I can see that I must leave the old behind. Of

course with a new level comes new experiences, and the unknown, and something

new usually brings with it some anxiety. But this is where commitment helps me out.

Commitment, or as Websters dictionary defines it as, “an act of committing, and “an

engagement that restricts freedom”, is why commitment is important to me, and the

process necessary to keep me focused on the work needed so that I can see the

changes that I want to see become reality in my life. I’ve say this because, for

example I have read The Greatest Salesmen Book before, but I did not do the

exercises as the book said one must do, and I don’t remember why I didn’t do them?

But so far everything in this course is amazing to me, and although I want more, and

more discovery, I also want to slow down and soak everything in. I am totally in trust

mode right now and just trying to make sure I get all the material digested. Because

oh boy do I need a better outlook on life. Not to say life is crappy for me now because

it isn’t, but I do want a better outlook. Yeah happy to be on this week 2 journey and

looking forward to next weeks material. Now even though I am getting the

assignments done it has been tough to do any masterminding, so its is appreciated

when someone comments on my blog post, because then I get a chance to read

someone else’s post and get some awesome commentary. I actually can’t wait to

implement the scheduling part of the teaching, because that is one area where I had

some challenges with before. So on to week 3 and the next level, I know better things

are ahead.


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